About Manufacturing Support Services

The MTC’s Manufacturing Support Services (MSS) team was set up to support the UK’s SME manufacturers to become more effective by improving efficiency and accelerating performance.

Our nationwide team of experts work directly with SMEs, drawing on the extensive resources of the MTC to address their practical, technical and strategic manufacturing challenges.

We know that the beating heart of the UK’s manufacturing sector is the thousands of SMEs, and that these businesses are critical to enhancing the country’s longer-term advanced manufacturing success.

Central to our approach is supporting SMEs for the long term to:

  1. Improve productivity
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Embed innovation
  4. De-risk the use of technology

We understand the need to build trust and confidence before you invest, this is why, other than some time to discuss your challenges, there is no initial cost to you, and we only expect to work with you if we can agree the business case and be confident in the expected return on any investment by you.

We are here to support the SME manufacturers that are the cornerstone of the manufacturing community and we can provide Innovate UK REACH funding to support up to 50% of their investment*.

Our commitment is that we will only ever recommend solutions where there is a clear value proposition and ROI on the project.

Unlike many initiatives which operate on a single intervention only, MSS can provide on-going support through follow-on projects to ensure you continue to develop and prosper.

We have completed over 500 assignments to date and 40% of companies continue to work with MSS.

*REACH funding, provided by Innovate UK, can be offered to any qualifying SME engaging MSS. If deemed eligible, SMEs can receive up to 50% funding for a project based on the amount of time allocated to a project. To qualify as an SME as defined by the European commission you must employ fewer than 250 people and have an annual turnover of up to £50 million or a balance sheet total of no more than £43 million. 

The Manufacturing Support Navigator

MSS’s Manufacturing Support Navigator was created to provide SMEs with an interactive method to understand how to improve manufacturing operations at your business.

By answering a series of simple questions, the navigator will help you to identify the solutions for the challenges that you are currently facing at your business and show you how the MTC can help.

We will show you how companies facing similar issues to you have worked with the MTC to implement practical and affordable strategies to help their business transform and grow.

To start your journey through the Manufacturing Support Navigator, click on the link below.

To find out more about how MSS could support your business, please visit http://www.the-mtc.org/mss or email mss@the-mtc.org.